Book, Music & Lyrics by Eli Hans
Performed by Eli Hans & Joseph Bennett
Directed by Meridith Grundei

Photos by: Scott Umstattd

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All of us have an amazing story to tell. Yes, even YOU!

  • An insurmountable challenge we overcame.

  • A series of unique events that might be hard to believe.

  • An out-of-this-world moment that changed everything.

  • A fantastical life filled with precious memories.

  • Even a fascination for somebody else's life or a topic you're passionate about.

Your life-story is unique to you, and it absolutely MATTERS.

It deserves to be told!

If you've ever felt that your story could INSPIRE and UPLIFT, or FASCINATE and even EDUCATE...  then maybe it's to time to tell it!

It could be for your friends and family, or for an appreciative audience that will love and be delighted by learning about what you have to say. 

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Get your feet wet with a FUN and empowering class, where you'll learn to:

  • Identify moments that are appropriate to be told effectively.

  • How to make the story come to life, entertain and delight (and even educate!)

  • Decide what format you want to explore: storytelling, monologue, one-person show!

The 10-week class is divided into two 5-week sections: WRITING and PERFORMING


  • You'll develop a doable story to tell in 7-10 minutes (or longer if you're adventurous).

  • We'll work with writing prompts to explore different approaches.

  • You'll write your short piece and refine it by the end of class.


  • Whether you've ever acted on stage or not, doesn't matter.

  • You'll rehearse how to best deliver your material and gain confidence.

  • You can be as creative as you want, or keep it simple, too.

In the end, you'll perform your story in front of a loving and appreciative audience!

Nothing is more thrilling than that!

If you choose, it can be video recorded for posterity.

This class can be done in person in San Miguel de Allende, or you can join via Zoom.


Sound exciting? Scary? Thrilling? Terrifying?

Yep. It can be all of those things. And, I guarantee...

It could be the most fulfilling and exhilarating thing you'll ever do!

(Note: If you LOVE this process and want to expand your story,

I'll be honored to work one-on-one with you until you perform your show on stage!)

WANNA KNOW MORE? When and Where? How much?

I'm happy to send you some more info. 

In the meantime,


of our award-winning show about my cancer healing journey!

(Your story can be much more simple than this.

I'm kind of an over-achiever!)

So... what qualifies me to guide you through this empowering process?

Watch the trailer above to start.

I've been an actor my entire life, literally.  

Trained at the Stella Adler Academy of Acting.

Producer/director of many theatrical productions and TV commercials.

Co-founder of The Improv People troupe (with my husband Joseph Bennett.)

Had a successful voice-over career for over 20 years.

Teacher of dozens of acting and improv classes in San Miguel.

Playwright, composer, singer.

Passionate creativity coach & chief miracle maker.

Motivational speaker and personal growth workshop leader. 

(Phew! Got tired just thinking about all that!) 

You'll be in excellent hands. 

(And my talented, creative husband and costar, Joseph Bennett, will join us as well!)

Please visit the rest of this website.

Feel free to visit

You can watch the ENTIRE SHOW HERE.


Can't wait to help you create magic, telling your amazing story!